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Your QR Code Creation

QR Code Scan The Best Tool for the Development of Digital Technology in the World

This QR code generator scan is an online generator tool that aims to share all kinds of business business platforms, information to introduce who you are to the wider community with just one barcode scan

This QR code scan generator tool with an automatic detection feature is very easy to use, the scanned QR code can be downloaded and I created it for free for you. So please just use what you can and it's free. Even now it's easy, because cellphone manufacturers have also developed that every camera in it can automatically scan a QR Code or barcode just by bringing it closer and autozooming to the QR Code object

In the current development of digital technology, this can be very profitable since the pandemic, business people have changed the way to reach their products to the surrounding community in general by keeping their distance and not directly touching by using a QR Code scan and can use this generator tool at tutor26.com

Features of Online Tool Generator Scan QR Code

• Tool Generate URL / Link website
• Wifi Generate Tool
• Generate Text Tool
• Generate E-mail Tool
• Generate Vcard Tool
• Tool Generate SMS
• Generate Twitter Tool
• Bitcoin Generate Tool

More QR Code features

• The results of the QR Code Scan generator can be embed in HTML code format, you can click on the top left
• There are several choices of frames
• There are several Shape & Color
• There are several Logo options, of course the choices are limited and this free one is available for you to use

Businesses I encounter using the QR Code Scan Generator

• Food store. They serve a menu of food and drinks by using a QR code scan to pay online
• Company Sales / Marketing. As a substitute for digital business cards, they use this QR code scanning tool as a tool that makes it easier for them to do business
• Personal Branding Profiles. Those who want to make it easier on social media networks and introduce who they are, such as artists and other public figures, can also scan a barcode or QR code which has almost the same function, namely as a substitute for a digital business card
• As a means of facilitating the world of information, be it site URLs or advertising media
• As a promotional medium for various manufacturers with superior products according to the moment or season and the current theme
• As a digital payment tool which in my opinion is also very efficient in practice
• Maybe there are many more benefits of scanning barcodes or other QR codes that you can find

Do you want a QR code result with Logo ? Visit this page QR Code Logo Generator

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