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Compress HTML, CSS, JS and XML File Extension Online Tool

XML File Extension and HTML Code Compression Tool

Paste your xml file or html code in the column below and then click the "Compressed" button.

Congratulation! Your File XML or HTML Code Has Been Compressed

What is this HTML Code and XML File Compress Tool for ?

This xml compression was created to reduce the file size of the initial source, which basically aims to make your website more compact when rendering, requires less bandwidth, and automatically loads faster. But you need to be careful, first save all your html and xml code in a safe place, because it can happen that after being compress html, all of your site's appearance becomes messy and not organized according to the initial appearance.

What are the advantages of this html or xml compression ?

By compressing html code and xml files is different from Minify HTML , Javascript (JS) or Stylesheet (CSS) that have been made, because Minify is limited and cannot compress large files such as XML on your website theme. This XML is found on the blogspot platform or you can visit the blogger.com site made by Google.

I have tried to be safer in my experience there will be reduced files, usually there can be loss of fontAwesome icons and others. You can compress unlimited xml files and html code, and you can override to tags. This will be better for your site, please first tick "Save My Tag Head <head> until </head>", then click "Compressed".

It's very easy to use this html code and xml file compression tool to minimize files on your website so that they load faster and don't require a lot of bandwidth to render completely on every page of your site.

Here are 3 things in compressed html codes or xml files document

Replacing double spaces with single spaces
Removing text line breaks from the code
Removing tab spaces

When should this html and xml compress tool be used ?

So every time you finish making a blog post or finish making a script, both css, js and html script code, you can compress each of these scripts on this page and just copy + paste the results. Your website make more SEO Friendly

Conclusion from using html and xml compress tool

Very easy, practical, no annoying ads on this tutor26.com website. And lastly this html and xml compress tool is FREE!

Healthy greetings and success always 😎
Don't forget to drink coffee ☕

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