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This time I will give an overview of how to use online tools to beautify the appearance of this HTML?

Here's a guide on how to HTML formatter and can referred to as beautify HTML the appearance of HTML formatter online :
• If loading is not perfect, there may be no response. You just reload/refresh it one more time. Done! You can use it for free 🥳
• Enter HTML Code in the editor.Select Indent with spaces or tabs. For spacing you can choose the number of spaces for indentation
• You can enter any HTML file kilobytes here will not error, and will still be accommodated to do HTML Formatter like the initial creation
• You can choose characters such as line wrapping between 40 until 350 characters or more. Select Do Not Wrap to avoid automatic wrapping
• Click the Convert to Beautify HTML button, it will immediately format the HTML code that we have entered into the column and display it in the "HTML Beautifier Result" column

Do you understand what a HTML Beautifier Tool is ?
HTML Formatter is an online tool aiming to easily enhance your HTML code

To insert HTML beautify result into XML file, you just need to reorganize it for & characters separated by (space) only

Paste any minified or non-indented code and you'll get a beautified or reformatted output that drops down pretty much like the original developer build looked like

Why do we need a HTML code beautification tool ?

Beautifying minified HTML code or de-indented code helps developers to read, understand and debug it easily. This also applies to make it easier to read HTML code from other developers

How does this HTML formatting tool work ?

This online formatter/beautifier tool uses a HTML formatting database that makes formatting the code itself easy

Within the database the library works by using regular expressions in the source code. Regular expressions decorate code and add appropriate indentation, wrap lines, and remove trailing lines

A simple example of how to Convert to Beautify HTML Online with a display like this :

Enter the HTML code :
$(document).ready(function(){alert("Hello World")})
Check that the input one line of code is formatted to multiple lines with appropriate indentations and makes it really easy to read and debug for developers. Also, the formatted output will have syntax highlighting

Is this HTML formatter tool safe & secure ?

Yes, this HTML formatter tool is safe & secure. tutor26.com do not save any of your data on the server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party

How can I minify the HTML code ?

To minify or compress HTML code, you can visit HTML Minifier page

Healthy greetings and success always 😎
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