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Minify HTML, Stylesheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS) - Simplify Minifier Tool

Minify CSS, HTML, JS - Simplify HTML, CSS, JavaScript Minifier

Result Minifier Code

File Size Reduced
  • Treat attributes in case sensitive manner (useful for custom HTML tags)
  • Omit attribute values from boolean attributes
  • Don't leave any spaces between display:inline; elements when collapsing. Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Collapse white space that contributes to text nodes in a document tree
  • Always collapse to 1 space (never remove it entirely). Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Use direct Unicode characters whenever possible
  • Parse input according to HTML5 specifications
  • Insert tags generated by HTML parser
  • Keep the trailing slash on singleton elements
  • Specify a maximum line length. Compressed output will be split by newlines at valid HTML split-points
  • Minify CSS in style elements and style attributes (uses clean-css)
  • Minify JavaScript in script elements and event attributes (uses UglifyJS)
  • Minify URLs in various attributes (uses relateurl)
  • Always collapse to 1 line break (never remove it entirely) when whitespace between tags include a line break. Must be used in conjunction with collapseWhitespace=true
  • Prevents the escaping of the values of attributes
  • Process contents of conditional comments through minifier
  • Comma-delimited string corresponding to types of script elements to process through minifier (e.g. text/ng-template, text/x-handlebars-template)
  • Type of quote to use for attribute values (' or ")
  • Remove quotes around attributes when possible
  • Strip HTML comments
  • Remove all attributes with whitespace-only values
  • Remove all elements with empty contents
  • Remove attributes when value matches default.
  • Remove type="text/javascript" from script tags. Other type attribute values are left intact
  • Remove type="text/css" from style and link tags. Other type attribute values are left intact
  • Remove space between attributes whenever possible. Note that this will result in invalid HTML!
  • Sort attributes by frequency
  • Sort style classes by frequency
  • Trim white space around ignoreCustomFragments.
  • Replaces the doctype with the short (HTML5) doctype

Why should you use HTML minify tools, Stylesheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS) ?

Minify Online Tool - HTML, Stylesheet (CSS), JavaScript (JS) This minifier is a tool to shrink size, compress from spaces and remove unnecessary aray symbol characters for blurring from initial formula code.

Online tool can only minify js, minify css and minify html. This html, css, js minifier tool can't minify xml files. You can visit the Compress HTML page
My suggestion if you want safer HTML, Stylesheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS) Minified results, please click the "Check All" button

In the development of the current era, developers and website makers always make formulas how to summarize all the code on the site by mapping or grouping as simple as possible aiming to make the total size in kilobytes as small as possible. This certainly refers to many client requests so that their online business website loading becomes fast. Usually the mecca for measuring website loading speed, you can visit https://pagespeed.web.dev site link or https://gtmetrix.com. And there are many more similar sites like that, but many people use both websites.

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